Citron Hygiene Acquires Extermination Pelletier

Read About Citron Hygiene’s Latest Acquisition.

Consistent with our strategy of layering on existing or like services in our established geographies, we are pleased to announce that effective April 1st 2014, Citron Hygiene has completed its acquisition of Extermination Pelletier Inc. a pest control company operating in the Greater Trois-Rivieres area.

Extermination Pelletier Inc. has been in business since 1975. Initially focusing efforts in the North Shore, the company made a name for itself for providing spider treatments for residential clients. The demand for spider treatments in this area is particularly large given the abundance of water, the humid climate and available food sources.

Over the years Extermination Pelletier Inc. expanded its footprint in both the North and South shores of Trois Rivieres and today boasts a solid mix of commercial and residential clients. This acquisition enables Citron Hygiene to expand our market penetration in this area and will help drive continued profitable growth for our organization.

Citron Hygiene Acquires M.D. Pest Control

Read About Citron Hygiene’s Latest Acquisition.

Citron Hygiene is excited to announce the acquisition of M.D. Pest Control, a well-respected pest control company that has operated in the Greater Toronto Area since 2006 and founded by Mark Duxbury. Over the past 8 years M.D. Pest Control has built a solid reputation with residential and commercial customers for reliable and professional service at reasonable prices.

Through the integration of M.D. Pest Control, Citron Hygiene has launched a residential pest control services division to service clients in Toronto and the surrounding area.

“Citron Hygiene is well known in the commercial pest control market and the acquisition of M.D. Pest Control represents an excellent opportunity for us to extend our service offerings into the residential market. Mark has built a solid business and his focus on high quality, reliable service aligns well with our culture,” commented Peter Farrell, President of Citron Hygiene.

Mark Duxbury will head up the new residential pest control division and is joined with the team he brought over in the acquisition along with existing Citron Hygiene Pest Management Professionals. Commenting on the acquisition; “It (acquisition) came at the right time for us and we will be able to leverage the resources of a larger organization to better service our customers and grow the business.” said Mark Duxbury.

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