3 Reasons to Consider a Professional Pest Control Provider for your Business


Bed bugs are an insect that doctors and Pest Control Professionals alike would consider to be non-threatening, as they don’t transmit diseases to humans. Yet, the moment someone posts a review online criticizing your business for having them, your facility’s pest management issues will go viral and potentially deteriorate your reputation. Imagine the public relations nightmare you would encounter if a more “visible” pest, like cockroaches or mice, were scurrying around the floors.

Why let this happen?

qualityProAt Citron Hygiene, we only hire the best. All Citron Hygiene Pest Management Professionals are fully licensed and Quality Pro Certified with years of experience in both residential and commercial sectors. Our pest control services follow well established Integrated Pest Management protocols which mean we don’t just treat a pest infestation; we identify the root cause of the problem and implement preventative measures to avoid future issues. Our experienced team can deal with a full range of pest issues and will provide you with the peace of mind that your issue will be resolved reliably and cost – effectively.


Cost Savings

Specific pests require targeted applications based on their habits. Therefore, hiring a company for a one-time treatment of your building’s issues isn’t the best way to solving your pest issues long term. Your business needs a Pest Prevention strategy to combat future problems.

Citron Hygiene pest control services follow LEED certification requirements and are based on well-established Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles.  By focusing on pest prevention and reducing the attractiveness of host buildings, Citron Hygiene is able to minimize the use of pesticides and avoid situations where remediation is necessary.

Our Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) are trained consultants who develop programs based on the specific dynamics of the facility in question.  Our PMPs follow a structured process to ensure we develop and maintain effective pest prevention programs, thus saving you money in the long run.

Brand Management

The Bed Bug registry compiles thousands of user-submitted reviews across Canada. Each comment demonstrates how pests drive customers to remove all trust from your business, potentially damaging the relationship. This registry is just one example, but any review site will do the same.

As a business, you should display the building’s ongoing pest management strategies. Utilizing a commercial service specializing in IPM will only benefit you, proving to your clientele that an all-encompassing approach to pest control exists.

Record Keeping

On an ongoing basis, Citron Hygiene PMPs evaluate the effectiveness of the program.  They communicate on a frequent and regular basis, escalate issues, report on activity and recommend program changes and enhancements if required. PMP’s inspect and monitor both the interior and exterior areas of the business to identify potential problem areas.


Don’t wait for an issue to arise and scare impending business away. Call Citron Hygiene Pest Control, 800.643.6922 for more information on preventing pest issues in your business.

Citron Hygiene Launches Multi-Residential Pest Control Program

Citronn Hygiene is pleased to announce the launch of the new Multi-Residential Pest Control section



Citron Hygiene is a key player in commercial and residential pest control and is now expanding their footprint in this space.

Multi-Residential Pest Control is a necessity for property managers and building owners. Citron Hygiene combines a deep understanding of commercial facilities with broad expertise in residential spaces to deliver comprehensive and cost-effective pest management programs for multi-residential complexes. Citron Hygiene understands that tenant retention is a top priority for building managers. This is why they take the time to get to know your building and tenants. Each program is specifically designed to meet your individual needs.

When it comes to pest control, apartment and condominium buildings have to be treated differently than other commercial buildings. This is because each unit is connected to each other by electrical, plumbing and heating. This gives pests an easy road to find new food sources. Cockroaches, Bed Bugs and even Mice all use these routes to go from one unit to the next, making Pest Control very difficult.

Citron Hygiene Pest Control is known to use innovative methods when it comes to execution of pest control services.

Citron Hygiene Pest Control provides comprehensive Multi-Residential pest management services around Ontario and Quebec. For more information, please visit:

http://citronhygiene.com/multi-residential or http://citronhygiene.com/fr/multi-residential/