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Entrance Matting

For every walk of life…

Tenants and visitors create a lot of foot traffic in your building. Quality matting will protect your valuable flooring, capture dirt and moisture, maintain air quality, and help prevent slips, trips and falls. Citron Hygiene offers a wide range of matting solutions for any building. Logo mats are also available.

Bird Exclusion

When a pest problem takes flight


Birds are intelligent, graceful creatures that enhance our outdoor environment and are not usually thought of as pests in the way that insects and rodents are. However, birds can be a major annoyance and can cause significant property damage.

Pigeons and other nuisance birds can deface your property and pass on a wide range of diseases. They can also be a source of secondary infestation by pests such as lice, mites and flies.

Citron Hygiene’s team of experts will choose the most effective solution to deal with your bird-related issue.

Structural modifications, site-specific exclusion techniques, repellents and trapping services are all performed by our trained professionals, guaranteeing a lasting solution.

Fecal Damage

These images demonstrate the damage that can be caused by bird nesting and the remediation possible by Citron Hygiene’s professionals.




Your solution for large area odour control needs

AromAire™ effectively combats malodours through its unique blend of chemistry and new innovative dispensing system. The AromAire™ can be used indoors, such as waste-holding areas, compactor rooms, storage areas, chutes, lobbies and anywhere there may be unwanted odours.