A Touchless, Sealed, Dry System that Helps Prevent Risks

Key Features

  • Intelligent Design – Unsightly contents are shielded from view by a modesty tray, while replaceable tray liners prevent soiling.
  • Touch-Free Operation – Cross-infection risks are reduced through foot pedal or infrared sensor activation.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Oxo-degradable insert liners break down harmlessly in the environment.
  • All Natural Disposal Agent – Includes ActiWipe™, Citron Hygiene’s exclusive disposal agent designed specifically for sanitary waste.
  • Attractive Finishes – Your choice of white or designer (black / grey) finishes.

It’s On Us
With Citron Hygiene’s service programs we take care of everything, including the upfront costs – all disposal units are provided free of charge.

Essentia Sell Sheet

cannoncurve-bb concept-bb
Hygeia™ Concept™