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McGill University Health Centre Recognizes Sewer Overflow Issues are caused by Too Many Tampons and Pads Being Flushed Down Toilets

A recent article published in the Montreal Gazette ePaper discusses how too many tampons and pads being flushed down the toilets are causing backups that flooded the birthing centre. This is generally an issue when women don’t have the proper receptacle to discard the feminine hygiene products.

When it comes to feminine hygiene in the washroom, specialized disposal systems are essential, since sanitary waste carries the risk of blood borne diseases. Improper disposal can heighten infection risks, while being a major contributor to washroom plumbing issues.

Citron Hygiene’s innovative service programs remove sanitary waste from your facility safely and efficiently, and provide a pleasant and discrete means of disposing of feminine articles. It is a respectful convenience that women truly appreciate.

If your facility simply has a “wall box” to dispose of sanitary waste, eventually this waste will end up in landfill. Diverting waste from landfill is integral to Citron Hygiene’s environmental programs and we have taken this initiative a step further through our partnership with Covanta Energy. Covanta provides a safe, technologically advanced means of waste disposal, through incineration, that generates clean, renewable energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and supports the recovery of metals.

We currently send waste generated through our sanitary disposal service to Covanta for waste-to-energy conversion.

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