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Restroom Mats Promote Workplace Safety

No one wants to walk into a restroom and suddenly be hit by urine odor, or nearly slip and fall onto the wet floor. Nor would any business owners or managers want to subject their employees and customers to either scenario. However, they only have a small amount of control over the way others use (or abuse) the facilities in their establishments. Conveniently, there is one solution to both of these problems, toilet and urinal mats.

Textile Toilet Mat-2

The Source of the Problem

Splatter is the root cause of these problems, and it finds its way to the floor a couple of different ways.   In a survey, 88.9% female participants said they prefer to squat over a public toilet instead of sitting directly on it. Holding an incorrect stance while doing that can cause puddles of urine around toilets in the bathroom stalls. For men, splatter is a common problem. When they stand at a urinal, their urine needs to travel five times farther than if they sat down. This distance allows for drips and backsplash to find their way to the floor and cause small pools to form in front of and around urinals.


The Damaging Effects of Splatter

Once urine is on the floor, odor and slips are likely to occur. While it is still wet, urine creates a slippery surface that poses a slip-and-fall risk for anyone who walks through it. In bathrooms, 81% of nonfatal injuries are caused by falls, and there is a 1 in 10,000 chance of being injured by a toilet. When urine dries, the uric acid crystals embed into the tile and grout, where they become a source of odor, staining, and potentially permanent damage. Two out of three cleaners say removing these stains and odors is the toughest part of their jobs. Rewetting a contaminated area reactivates the odor, as removal of uric acid crystals is specific and regularly washing the floor is not enough.


Textile Urinal Mat-2

Features of Quality Mats

Effective mats will have these features:

  • Absorbent polypropylene fabric
  • Non-slip backing
  • Flexibility to conform to any space (avoids trip hazard)

And should be able to:

  • Prevent mold, fungus, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria
  • Protect all kinds of hard floors, such as tile, marble, and wood

Why This Needs to Be a Priority

A survey regarding fall prevention found that 92% of companies protect their entryways, but often overlook the other problem areas, such as the restroom. Only 11% of facilities provide safety mats here. While special treatment for uric acid removal and repairs to floors can become costly, slip-and-fall accidents are immense expenses for businesses. In North America, these mishaps can cost an average of $22,800.

The expense of these mats and the services to maintain them are minor compared to what could happen if restroom floors are neglected. Consider upgrading the safety and cleanliness of your restrooms today!

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