Tenant Spaces

It is also someone’s home

When pest issues arise inside tenant spaces, a comprehensive plan for inspection and treatment is required to ensure protocols are implemented that will provide the best possible solutions for each occurrence.


Infestations occur when pests are introduced by tenants or through pest migration from adjacent suites. Citron Hygiene’s team of Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) work closely with management and tenants to determine the scope of each pest problem and help coordinate preparations and treatment schedules to best meet the tenants’ needs.

Our Focus – Dedicated, Disciplined, Discrete

Citron Hygiene PMPs take pride in delivering effective and efficient treatment programs with a focus on minimizing the disruptions to your building and tenants. When an infestation occurs we follow our 4 step process to deliver results.

  • Initial Inspection / Recommendation – An inspection of the suite confirms pest activity, ensures the pest is accurately identified and a treatment recommendation is provided.
  • Communication – Citron Hygiene PMPs work closely with building operators to outline remediation strategies, unit preparation requirements and provide advance notification to tenants.
  • Treatment – Treatments are conducted discretely by professionals. Treatment strategies vary based on the pest type and the severity of the infestation.
  • Follow Up – Follow up visits are scheduled when required based on the pest type and severity of the issue.