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After a rather mild winter last year, we predict that this year will be a more typical Canadian winter season in Canada.  Only B.C. expected to see above normal temperatures for the winter.

There is no denying it, the colder weather is here and we are spending more time inside now.

mouse pest control torontoYou guessed it, that means that mice, rats and other rodents are going to want to move into your house.

They may be interested in trying to get into your house during this time but you can take the time to try and keep them out of your house.

Here are some steps you can take as precautions for winter pest control Toronto.

squirrels - Pest Control TorontoThe first step to preventing a rodent pest problem before it starts is to think like they do. Think about what mice, rats, squirrels etc would look for when trying to keep warm.

  1. Check the outside of your home for areas where they could enter or take shelter. Rodents like to build homes or nests in enclosed spaces like bbq’s, storage containers and sheds that are usually in quieter areas around your home.  Try and get these inside if possible or completely sealed.  Rodents also often get in through the dryer vent or around window air conditioners.
  2. Check the exterior of your home for cracks, holes or any gaps in your brick or foundation that may be big enough for a mouse to squeeze into to gain entry into your home. Sealing up these spots with caulk or another sealant goes a long way to preventing the winter pests from ever entering your home.
  3. Remember to keep your grass, bushes and shrubs as short as you can so rodents will have no where to hide from predators or from you.
  4. rat pest control TorontoTry and make sure all your trees and overhanging branches are kept away from the house so rodents cannot use them as bridges to gain entry into your home. Make sure to keep your garbage cans, green bins and recycling as far away from your home as possible.  There will be less to attract the rodents to the perimeter of your house. If you make it difficult for them to get inside, they will likely just leave and move on to a new place to call home rather than having to work too hard to get into your house.
  5. The biggest attraction for rodents to enter your home is an easily accessible food source. It is very important that you find all of the ways a rodent might be able to get at or into food in your house. It is a good idea to store food in thick metal, glass, or plastic containers with a secure lid. Keep in mind that mice, rats, and squirrels can simply chew through cardboard and other flimsy materials if they really want what is inside – Let’s not make it easy for them to get in they might just move on if they can’t get at it easily.
  6. Keep in mind that if at all possible it is important to make sure that all pet food and water bowls are stored overnight, or at the very least kept in a well lit area out in the open.
  7. Clean up your kitchen and eating areas after meals and make sure all spills and messes are cleaned up as soon as possible.

We can’t stop winter but perhaps we can try to keep mice, rats and squirrels from moving into your house for a nice cozy winter. Lets keep up with winter pest control Toronto Precautions!

If any of these winter pests have already moved into your home, please call Citron Hygiene Pest Control Toronto to help get rid your rodent pest control problem.

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